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Products / Services

Mobile Torque is an innovative company that will be providing wireless broadband Internet connections to several Regional neighborhoods. Utilizing Wi-­­fi technology and proprietary antennas and repeaters, RMS will be able to serve a large area with broadband Internet connections.

Rishi Mungaroo founded Mobile Torque. Rishi has the skills to execute on this well- ­­researched business plan. Rishi started his career with Vox Telecom after completing his Diploma in Electronic Engineering. He has worked in the ISP market for the past 15 years and has a broad knowledge of various types of ISP technologies.

The market for wireless broadband Internet connections is wide open. Demand for traditional broadband connections is surpassing conservative forecasts. The wireless market is even more exciting due to the significantly lower costs needed in terms of delivery infrastructure. As Mobile Torque' customer base grows, costs decrease through scales of economy, creating an even more compelling argument for Mobile Torque existence.

Mobile Torque has targeted three distinct groups. The first is students; a market segment that uses the Internet the most and has high expectations regarding the speed of the connection. The second group is professionals, people with disposable income, not a lot of excessive time on their hands, and a group that uses the Internet a fair amount, both personally as well as professionally. The last group that will be targeted is techies. This group is the early adopters of any type of technology and spends incredible amounts of time immersed in Internet technology.

Mobile Torque is a compelling business concept that leverages advances in technology and proprietary tools to offer a market need at below market prices. In addition to earning great margins with low infrastructure costs, margins increase as the customer base increases. This exciting business plan has a high likelihood of success with Rishi Mungaroo responsible for the execution of it. The business will earn modest profits in year two, increasing exponentially in year three. Net profit is forecasted to be commensurate in years two and three.


It is Mobile Torque mission to provide fast, wireless Internet access at a reasonable price. The most important thing to remember is that every customer must be satisfied with our services.

Key To Success Practice disciplined growth Reach Profitability by year two Make sure that customer needs are met and maintain a 95% customer retention ratio.
Objectives Provide fast, reliable, internet access Treat customers with the utmost respect Become profitable within two years

Company Summary

Mobile Torque was established 7 years ago offering microwave skills and knowledge to companies like MTN, Neotel, and Vox Telecom. As the business grew, we saw the opportunity to provide access to clients and service providers using various last mile mediums, like fibre, wireless, and satellite. At the same time, we plan to bring the cost of last mile access as low as possible to make it more available to everyone.

It is also our aim to provide Internet access to school in the outer lying areas and provide a skilled trainer to provide knowledge and skills to students that do not have this opportunity.

Company Ownership Mobile Torque is a South African based company with Rishi Mungaroo & Mrs. Rookmani Mungaroo as the owners.

Services Mobile Torque offers wireless broadband Internet access along with fibre where needed. The service is ADSL speed with customers only needing a wireless receiver or fibre capable switch to receive the Internet or voice service. In the case of the wireless technology, the customer will need to be in the range of the wireless coverage.

Market Analysis Summary

Within the last three years, there has been a proliferation of broadband Internet connections. With so many people enjoying fast connections at work, they are no Longer willing to deal with a dial-­­up connection at home. With the advent of Wi-­­fi technology, customers can now enjoy a fast connection without having to lay expensive cables since the signal is sent via radio waves. The targeted market segments are students, professionals, under serviced areas.

Target Market Segment Strategy

Mobile Torque has chosen the three aforementioned target markets due to their adoption of broadband Internet technology. It is these first two groups that are most likely to use a fast connection and the most willing to pay a premium for the connection while the third will be a low cost solution with good speeds and high reliability to provide for the underserviced areas.

Competition and Buying Patterns

As mentioned in the previous section, ADSL, cable, and satellite access are the competitors in the broadband market.
Consumer buying patterns are based on two factors: Availability: not every type of broadband connection is available to every consumer. Consumers often pick service providers based on what is available to them. Convenience: this is often based on where the outlet cords are based in the house, whether the computer will be located closer to the cable phone jack or the wireless medium.

Strategy and Implementation Summary

Simply put, Mobile Torque strategy is to offer a service, demanded by customers, at a price that undercuts the competition. This will be accomplished, not by accepting below-­­market margins, but by leveraging technology, to help drive Mobile Torque costs down. Awareness regarding Mobile Torque services will be generated effectively and inexpensively to the specific target segments that Mobile Torque has focused on.

Competitive Edge

Mobile Torque competitive edge is the effective and efficient use of Wi-­­fi technology. Wi-­­fi, while a fairly recent technology, has been adopted by several different service providers as well as used for home-based networks. What provides Mobile Torque with a competitive edge is its efficient use of the technology. Mobile Torque uses a proprietary antenna that allows for signal transmission over great distances with less signal loss. Additionally, Mobile Torque has significantly reduced administrative costs by having most administrative activities like marketing, sales, and service details administered via the Internet and Social Media.

Marketing Strategy

As the name implies, Mobile Torque will be using an approach to developing awareness of the offered services. Mobile Torque will adopt a multi-pronged marketing approach: Advertising/postings with local retailers and commercial businesses. This will provide Mobile Torque with great visibility in the exact community that it operates in. Mailings. Mobile Torque will adopt a targeted mailing campaign to local residents. Website. Mobile Torque will leverage its website as a comprehensive and efficient source of marketing/sales information.

Sales Strategy

The sales strategy that Mobile Torque will adopt is based on developing an awareness of Mobile Torque service as a viable alternative to Cable and ADSL within the community. The message used will be that you can receive broadband speed connections to your computer, wherever it may be, even your laptop on your front lawn, at a price that is a fraction of the current competitors. This will be done with targeted advertising with local retail/commercial establishments in the area. Additionally, Mobile Torque will rely on mailings to get the word out. Lastly, Mobile Torque will have a website for marketing, sales, and administrative purposes.


It is Mobile Torque mission to provide an alternative service to customers around South Africa. One of our main focuses is to provide services to under services areas and rural schools with Internet and tools to develop their skills and make world wide web more available.