Business Express Wireless

Mobile Torque is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable and affordable internet services to businesses and other Service Providers. We understand the importance of staying connected in today’s fast-paced digital world, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of services designed to meet your needs.


Although we do offer Layer 3 services for business, including Business Fibre, Business Wireless, and Business Fibre with Wireless Backup. We specialise in access services to other service providers, providing provisioning and Layer 2 services between third-party providers and their clients. We offer primary or temporary fixed wireless solutions, as well as backup access services delivered via fixed wireless.


We are able deploy these services in under 10 business days and can expedite delivery to 48 hours or less in the case of emergency. The Business Express Wireless service not only mitigates your clients outages caused by unforeseen circumstances, it also allows for rapid deployment buying you valuable time to install a primary Fibre services.


Our goal is to ensure that your business operations run smoothly, minimum interruptions or downtime. Business Express Wireless also allows you to start billing your customer sooner.


Business Express Wireless Features


  • Rapid Deployment
  • Bill your customer sooner
  • Suitable as a Backup Access service
  • Suitable as a Primary Access service
  • Temporary Access service
  • Short term commitment.
  • Add another layer of reliability for your clients
  • Cost Effective
  • Layer 2 QinQ based Service


The Layer2 Service will be carried on Mobile Torques network from the client location to the Provider ENNI at Teraco JB1 or DB1. We will append/strip a single outer tag to all traffic traversing the ENNI, and the provider will be responsible for appending/stripping on the CPE

Service Terms



  • Once off Install: R 3500 (Install between 5-7 Days from Confirmed Order)
  • Site Move: R 3500, links can be moved from site to site and the site move cost will apply.
  • Expedited Install: R 4500 (Install within 48 hours of confirmed order)
  • Feasibility lead time: 48 hours from request.
  • Re-survey: R450, this will be charged when a survey is confirmed and our team cannot conduct the survey due to customer issue or break down in
    communication between ISP/Provider & their customer.
  • Handover at the client will be ethernet off Radio POE Device.
  • Supports QinQ.
  • Equipment recovery Failure: R3500, equipment recovery need to be done
    within 7 days of service termination, in the event that Mobile Torque can not
    recover equipment within this time frame then the equipment is deemed not
    recoverable and the customer will need to pay this cost.
  • Equipment always remains the property of Mobile Torque.
  • Uptime SLA: 99%
  • False Call Out: The Provider will perform first line support with the customer/ reseller. In the event that a Mobile Torque resource is dispatched and the the
    issue is found to be on the customers side then The Provider will be responsible for a cost of R450.
  • Minimum term is 4 months per service.
  • 1 Calendar Months notice to terminate a service.
  • The pricing is based on Customer reaching R45000 in recurring billing after 5

Prices Exclude Vat