What is a desktop feasibility?

Once you send in a request for a feasibility, our sales admin will first plot your clients address details into our planning tool to check if the customer falls within our coverage area. If the client falls in the coverage area then a physical feasibility can be arranged.

What is the time frame for a desktop feasibility?

A desktop feasibility is general done within 1-3 hours from the time the request is sent.

What is the time frame to conduct a physical feasibility?

Once the go ahead to conduct a physical feasibility is given, it takes around 2 – 3 days to provide feedback to the client.

What is a physical feasibility?

A physical feasibility is where Mobile Torque appoints one of its team to go to your customers premises to climb onto his roof and see if one of our base stations are visible from the customers building. They will also check what type of bracket is needed as well as the cable route into the client’s server room.

What is the timeframe to have a wireless link installed?

After you have placed an official order with Mobile Torque, it takes between 7-10 days to have an installation complete.

How long is the link handover period?

The link is normally handed over to the customer within 48 Hours of a completed install. Once the link is installed, it is tested and loaded onto our monitoring platform so that we can collect link performance stats and usage stats.

What is the contract obligation with Mobile Torque?

Contracts are anything from 3 months – 36 Months.

What is my notice period to terminate a link?

The termination period is one Calendar month.

What are the billing terms?

The billing terms are current so if you install a link on the 15th January, then the first payment will be at the end of January including the setup fees.

What happens if a customer requires a Health & Safety File?

Mobile Torque will provide a soft copy for free via drop box. If a physical file is required the Mobile Torque provide this at a cost of R 2500 ex vat.

Does Mobile Torque have a Network operations Centre (NOC)?

Yes, Mobile Torque has a NOC at its Johannesburg office that provides national support.

What are the NOC contact details?

The NOC email address is [email protected] or they can be contacted on 086 001 8300.

Is there a cost for the physical feasibility?

All feasibilities within 75Km of the MT office is free of charge, all surveys over this distance will bear a cost dependent on the distance.